Thursday, November 30, 2006

Still Running

Today my schedule includes Dentist and Allergist appointments. (I can vaguely remember a time when I could predict that I would be at home long enough not to have to schedule all my medical appointments in a single week!)

I have finished most of the stuff I need to for me... I have a couple things I still need to finish for Saga. This is really starting to get stressful. I am seeing this huge wall rushing at me. I want to get everything done. I need to get it done before I head out to the UK on Tuesday. I will be so damn glad to see Saga in Heathrow this time next week.

Tat one thought keeps me going! I don't see the list of things that I have left to do getting any shorter. I just see this deadline approaching like an on-coming bus. It reminds me of something a comedian (sorry, I can't remember who) who had the observation:

"Those people who go to the beach and hold-up a sea shell to their ear and say stupid things like 'I can hear the ocean.' what are they thinking? No shit! It's ten feet that way! What, do you walk into the street, pick-up a hubcap and hold it to your ear? 'Hey! I can hear a bus!' [Whomp!]"

Well, I had better get to it! I have only today and Monday to get things finished and there is so much more left to do!

I hope wherever you are today, you will have a great (stress-free) day!

Don Bergquist - 30 November 2006 - Lakewood, Colorado

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