Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday, Monday

Another Monday... Ah!

There are so many things to do this week. As the Willy Wonka character was wont to say in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: "So much time, so little to do! Wait a minute. Strike that, reverse it."

There is so much to do over the next couple weeks. For those of you not yet in the know, my project has been extended. I discovered last week that I am to be returning to the UK for another seven-month stint. That means that before I leave here this weekend, I have to be ready to hit the ground running back home. I have a week of vacation with my family in Florida and then have a week to get myself ready for a seven-month stay in London.

Now, you may not think this is that big a deal, but consider: Not only do I have to get laundry, packing, and logistical considerations taken care of, but I also have to get things that don't immediately spring to mind in November taken care of.

Take taxes. Before I wrote that, how many of you readers considered that I would need to gather my 2006 tax records for the next trip? As I will be here on 15 April 2007, I'll need to file my taxes from the UK. Thank heavens for the internet. I think back on all those trips I took when I was younger, back before the wide-spread availability of financial services via the internet. Can you remember a day when you actually had to be physically present at a bank or other location with some regularity?

The advent of internet banking and electronic bill payment has been a boon to travelers. It enables me to do my job! Then there is electronic filing of taxes. I haven't filed on paper in years. I was electronically filling the first year it became available.

But will all of that, there are some things that still require a physical presence at a specific location. The week I am back in Denver, for instance, I have to see my doctor, dentist, ophthalmologist, and allergist. Unfortunately, I cannot do all these things via the internet... yet.

Top that with doing what I can to get my Christmas mailing and presents bought, wrapped, and shipped and I have a full week scheduled back in Denver. (...and don't forget, I need to work while I am home too!)

It will be a busy three weeks; wrap-up this trip, family commitments, preparation for my next trip... whew! I have a busy three weeks coming up!

I hope wherever you are today, you will have a good day, regardless of how busy it may be for you personally!

Don Bergquist - 13 November 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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