Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Anniversary Musings

It is 05:00 in St Petersburg, 10:00 in London. I am awake though, nobody else in the house is. I have heard stirrings from Fritz but, though we chatted briefly earlier, he has drifted off again. I decided that since I am still operating on Greenwich Mean Time, it was time for me to get-up and write a blog entry.

Today is the twenty-first of November. By my calculation, two years ago (right about now, as a matter of fact) I was landing at Gatwick International Airport in the UK for the first time. My first blog entry was dated 21 November 2004. So much has changed over the past two years.

I’ve been spending more and longer times in the UK of late and it looks as if it is possible that I may be asked to move there on a more permanent basis. I am of two minds on that one. I have a made some really good friends in the UK and have really a really good time being in the UK.

But I also have some really good friends (not to mention my family, to whom I am very close) back here in the states. Well, as my friend and one time mentor Ruth (Dr. Roose!) used to say: “I’ll just have to jump off that bridge when I come to it.”

I haven’t been (and may never be) offered the option of moving to the UK, but it is interesting to consider how it may play-out were it to happen.

There have been so many interesting things to report over the past two years here in the annals of my weblog and I hope that everyone is enjoying reading it as much as I am enjoying writing them. It has been two good years. I hope that there will be many more. And if they are not in the UK, they will be somewhere. If you’re enjoying my blog, please post a comment or send me an email at the appropriate link below.

Well, the house is stirring. I need to spend some time with my friends while I can. Have a great day!

I hope that wherever you are today you have a great day and have some milestone to celebrate.

Don Bergquist - 21 November 2006 - St. Petersburg, Florida USA


Terry. said...

I read it! And so does my wife! We're looking forward to seeing Saga, expect an e-mail from me soonish.

Anonymous said...

Hi Don

I've enjoyed your posts since I happened across your site last March.
I live in Spain now but it's nice to hear about the NW Surrey area and see some of the pictures you've posted.
It relieves the occasional feeling of homesickness !
I'm returning to the UK for a few days in mid-December and staying with a good friend of mine who works at Hampton Court Palace.
You never know -- I might bump into you at the newly-renovated King's Arms.
If I do -- I'll certainly buy you a pint !
(I know St Pete's -- I stayed with friends who lived at Treasure Island.)

Best wishes


Don Bergquist said...


Looking forward to meeting you and there is seldom a need to twist my arm to get me to lift a pint of Tanglefoot!