Monday, November 27, 2006

Flying Home

Here I sit, in the departure lounge of the Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) waiting for my flight home to Denver. There is a free wireless network here in the lounge, or at least they claim there is. My PCs say that they can see it, but the signal is too weak for me to actually connect to it.

It has already been a busy day! I got up and dressed fairly early and got a bite of breakfast. Over my second cup of coffee, I started-up my PC and checked my email. I've already gotten some work done on getting the paperwork together so that I can send Saga to the UK.

That is beginning to look like it will be a bear of a task... Sisyphus, I think I can commiserate.

Well, we'll be boarding soon, I should really re-pack my PC so that I can get home.

I hope that wherever you are, your day is going well!

Don Bergquist - 27 November 2006 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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