Saturday, November 25, 2006

Arts Festival

This morning Mary, Corey, Sarah and I all went to the Arts Festival in Ybor City.

I enjoy getting out and seeing the stuff that people do. Even if I am not interested in the medium it is interesting to see what people are offering. There are things at these events that often leave me wondering why anyone would think it was art.

Wads of paper at one stand... what's up with that? I mean, sure, they were pretty colors, but were they art?

There was one stall that was selling something that my friends and I made years ago. We thought they were best used for disk bags for Frisbee Golf. Today, someone is selling them as purses. The items? Simple! Take a pair of jeans cut the legs off making them into shorts, sew the leg openings closed, and use strips from the cut-off legs for a shoulder-strap. The "artists" selling these, have updated them with buttons, glitter glue and a zipper closure.

There were lots of jewelry stalls, and a couple food stalls.

We had a pleasant morning wandering the stalls and then returned home to play a few more hands of cribbage before my niece had to leave for Gainesville.

I hope wherever you are today, you've had a pleasant day with family.

Don Bergquist - 25 November 2006 - Apollo Beach, Florida

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