Friday, December 31, 2004

New Year's Greetings!

It has been a great year for me and my family! I hope it has been so for you as well.

New Year's Greetings from Don and Saga!
The year started in a great rush of activity. I was working on projects for my company and having project after project cancelled from under me. It was frustrating, busy but frustrating. Around the end of January, as I was beginning to wonder if my job was secure with all my projects being cancelled, I was offered a position on a new development project that we had started the year before. I had been involved tangentially - mainly because my boss was involved and I had offered some support research and development - but this was a more direct involvement.

February was fairly quiet. I continued to work on developing my new projects and went to a couple client sites for sales pitches on clients we were in danger of losing. It would be the last trip I would take for my old product line. I believe that we saved both of the accounts. I know that one extended their contract and the last I heard, they were planning on installing one of the sister-stations of the other.

March came in like a lion. I was moved to a new office and worked with a new team on development of the new project. It was fun and exciting as well as occasionally frustrating. There is so much that we are doing on this project that is completely outside the confines of my comfort zone. I love it! I have needed to do something new, to save my sanity if nothing else.

In April I was assigned my own piece of the project to be completed. It was a trip! I got to completely step outside my comfort zone and work on something that I had no preconceived notions about. The fact that it was reengineered when they decided to change the underlying technology does not change the fact that my team and I turned out some great code!

May came along and my Dad celebrated his seventieth birthday. It was fun. I showed-up at the party having time to go to Minnesota at the last minute because we had a lull that I could take advantage of. The drive was lovely and the party was great. My brothers and I made it to the party, my sister was not able to make it. On my way back, I made a record trip. Thirteen hours, forty-five minutes door -to-door. (I have about an eight hundred mile drive to my parents' place.) My brother made it in 13:15 on his way back from Christmas, but there were two of them (dad was with him) and he was going to Minneapolis, not to Kensington, which has less off-interstate driving.

My annual pilgrimage to the beach, in June, was great. I brought Saga, she surprised me by running out to Chip when she saw him on the beach. My old roommate and his family have been renting a beach house for years just a few miles up the beach from the MacKinnon-Karrer house in South Carolina. This year, his family and my group made it to the beach the same week so I got to see Chip and his family when I was out there. Saga hates water, but apparently not as much as she likes Chip!

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