Sunday, December 19, 2004

Flying Home

Well, that’s it! My first trip to the UK is complete. All that is left is the fligh and the expense report. I have seen and done so many cool things that I cannot believe how great a trip it was. Sure, I put in long hours at the office, but I was more than fairly compensated for my work not only in salary but in the experiences that have gone along with it.

I’ve met some great people here, done some things I have never even thought of doing, and really thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I have learned to say “cheers” to people in the context of something other than just tipping a glass. And, speaking of tipping a glass, I have tried more beers and ales on this trip than I even given any thought to ever before. Between that and all those full English breakfasts, what can I say, travel really broadens one!

I have made some good business acquaintances that I know will last – I have another ten weeks on this project alone and hope to be doing others in the future. I have made the start at some great friendships that I hope will carry forward. You know I am talking about you when you read this. It applies to many of you with whom I chose to tip a pint or two regularly in the cold and wet evenings in Surrey.

I have not done everything I wanted to do while over here. I would love to get up to Scotland and Ireland on some future trip. I would also love to see more of Europe and, perhaps Scandinavia, and this seems as good a jumping off point as any! I did not eat anything with kidney in it… and although I never actually saw it on the menu and have the feeling I would hate it, I should at least try black pudding. (I have tried everything else that I confes to not liking… )

That is about it for my predictions. As for the predictions of others; well, they are incomplete as well… There were those of you reading this now (and yes, you know who you are as well) who were certain that when I got over here I would:
1) Fall in love with the place and the people
2) Find a bird and settle down
3) Refuse to ever come back home.

All I can say to you people is this:

Two out of Three Ain’t Bad!

It is uncanny how close to accurate you came to be! But c’mon seriously! Me live here? Please read my article on Cost of Living! Well, I guess I will order a drink and open a book now. I wonder if they have any Badger’s Best Bitter. Hmmm.

In seven hours I’ll be in Minneapolis, ten hours to home. I’ll write to you all from the states next week on how it is getting ready for the holidays in the 48-hours I have before my family starts arriving!

Have a great day!

Don Bergquist – Somewhere over the Atlantic – 19, December, 2004


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