Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Corey, the master of Fart Putty, entertained the masses by making rude noises with the present he gave my nephew for Christmas! Fart putty is a thick, viscous liquid, about the consistency grape jelly might get if you thickened it with some corn starch. You pull your fingers through it and it makes rude noises. (hence the name)

Barbara and Mary

We were kept in stitches most of the trip. (I guess it doesn't take much!) I cannot say what the rest of the people in the train thought about us. My apologies if we offended anyone.

(Oh, Dad and I were on the trip too, but nobody offered to take our picture... we were on the opposite side of the aisle.)

Have a great day!

Don Bergquist – Lakewood, Colorado – 28, December, 2004

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