Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Travelogue: Australia – Toys

There is something to be said for technology. Although I could never muster the patience to actually do any serious writing on the new tablet I bought to take on this trip. The touch-keyboard does not have the tactile feedback that I need to be able to touch-type.

It should be noted, that although I only use about half of my fingers and none of them in the proper positions, I am able to touch-type. I taught myself to do so over years of practice. I use a thumb and my forefinger on my right hand and the first-through-third fingers on my left. I use the left pinky to shift, and the right pinky to hit [Enter].

MOST of the time I can type pretty well; well enough at least that the spelling checker has little problem catching my typos. The first time I tried that on my tablet, I failed. Miserably!

So I am a little upset that I didn't see my friend, Gerard's tablet before I bought mine. It is a nice one and comes with an attached keyboard/docking station that will allow it to behave like a laptop, but the keyboard detaches and it can be used like an android tablet.

I think that before I take another trip with the tablet, I am going to find a nice, compact keyboard… something that makes carrying my laptop unnecessary. How's that for the march of progress! Now even the portable PCs we got to unchain ourselves from our desks are too bulky. We always want smaller and faster!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you're happy with your technological toys!

Don Bergquist – 17 August 2011 – Maida Vale, Greater London, UK

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