Thursday, June 05, 2008

Wonderfully Wet Morning

It's still dark out my window, so it wasn't apparent that it was raining out. Its a sort-of misty-drizzle (Mizzle) that soaks into everything nice and slow without being noisy while it's about it! Saga ran out the door to go to the park this morning and was excited until she got out from under the eaves.

The mist made halos under the street lamps and other than the occasional flash, where the raindrops were big enough to throw the light back at me, there was no other indication that it was raining. I felt it, sort of like walking in the fog back in London. Not wet enough to mind, just wet enough to know that you're getting soaked.

The weather cast on the local news says that it's going to be a chilly, cool, and wet day. Good! The gardens need it! The rain gauge says that the mizzle has misted about a quarter-inch of water overnight. I'd be thrilled if it kept this up all day! Of course, if it does, Saga will want to stay in all day, and that means I'll have a spectator as I sit in my home office writing.

When the sun rises in about an hour, I can't wait to see how the plants are doing.

Wherever you are today, I hope that your day is lovely!

Don Bergquist - June 05, 2008 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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