Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RTD = Really Trying Dealings

When the Regional Transportation District spokesperson was here a couple weeks ago and I showed her that I had a twelve-year-old bus pass that was barely readable as it had seen its better days; I asked if RTD ever issued replacements due to the age of the badge, the fact that the company name on it was about three companies ago, the fact that I looked nothing like the picture on the badge, etc…

"Sure!" was the cheerful reply "Just head on down to the RTD offices down at the Market Street station, they'll be happy to replace the pass for you."

"That's it?" I asked "Just bring in my pass and they'll replace it? Cool!" Wow! That was easy!

Dopey me! What was I thinking!? With me it is never that easy!

So, a week ago, RTD (by which I mean one of their official spokespersons) told me "Just take my Eco Pass into the office at the Market Street Station for a replacement." So, when I made my way down to the office the next day at 15:00 (after work) I was told:

"I'm sorry… we only do Eco Passes between 10:00 and 13:00." She was polite, she matter-of-fact and she seemed apologetic, so I more-or-less assumed that the spokesperson the day before had just forgotten to mention that they only issued Eco Passes for a few hours a day.

When I showed-up Friday morning at 10:00 and was told that the Eco Passes were only issued from 10:00 – 13:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I took at is a lack of communication by the receptionist the day before. She had apparently assumed that I knew they were only issued two-days-a-week and was informing me that they were only issued three-hours-a-day those two days. (I could accept this as a logical assumption since the day before had been one of the issuing days.)

So, when I showed-up yesterday at the right time, on the right day and handed-over my old, damaged, eco pass and was asked by the RTD person "What is this?" I just looked at it, assumed that since the look of the pass had changed, she was not aware that this was a really old pass.

"I need to get that replaced." I said. "I've been carrying that Eco Pass for twelve years and it is falling apart. I was told to bring it in to get a new one made."

"Where's your paperwork?" she asked brusquely.

Paperwork!? This whole process that seemed so easy-peasy just six-days-ago was not taking in an air of obstruction that could only be the result of a concerted effort!

I explained the history to the lady. Explained that this was the third time I had been to this office, the fourth RTD Person I had chatted with, the start of the fourth hour I had dedicated to getting this badge replaced… was there anything else that she wanted to share or were they planning on doling out all the information one small bit at a time. I really had no more time to dedicate to this!

"Your RTD Program coordinator should have referred to her program manual before sending you down here." Ah! So now, she was telling me that this was somehow my company's fault.

"Perhaps, better training of your employees is the answer! I have no idea who that person you're referring to even is. I was told by an RTD Spokesperson that this would take me no time at all… 'Just bring your pass down to the office' she said! What a laugh! This is my third time here."

"Three times?" She asked "Why three times?"

"Because nobody here seems to be able to tell the whole story… what else do I need?"

"Nothing." She assured me.

"You're sure?" I asked. She answered that there was nothing else I needed and I started dialing my cell phone. I stood there, asked my RTD Program Coordinator to complete the paperwork and fax it to… "What is your fax number?"

"Why?" She asked.

I looked at her with growing suspicion that she had not told me everything. "I am going to have my company fax the paperwork over."

"It has to be an original!"


Wherever you are today, I hope that you're having a calm, stress-free day!

Don Bergquist – February 20, 2008 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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