Monday, September 03, 2007

The "A" Word

Oh, my goodness! Where does the time go?

This morning on Radio 4 someone said the "A" word for the first time (that I can recall) this morning. I guess it was to be expected. I mean all the clues were there. The sun is rising later every morning. This morning I needed to turn-on the light in the bedroom to find clothing to wear.

Yes, autumn is almost here! And here we are, we've never really even had a summer! Drat!

Well, I guess that I should be thankful that, at lease, it wasn't too hot this year (as it was last year) and that, at least, we didn’t have water restrictions imposed on us. I guess soon we'll be falling back on the clock and then the Seasonal Affective Disorder symptoms will start to manifest.

But that also means that the holidays are on their way! Oh, and speaking of the holidays: I now have proof that it is not just in the US that we start thinking of Christmas way too early. This weekend I saw an ad for a Christmas catalogue.

I see they celebrate the holiday in the commercial spirit here too!

Wherever you are, I hope you're having a great day!

Don Bergquist – 03 September 2007 – Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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