Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cruise Control

Gee! Yesterday turned out to be a lovely day! The promised rain never came; the snows that threatened were, at best, a light dusting. It was a lovely day!

I got my bike out of the garage, went for a nice ride along the river and then put the bike rack on the car. I am going to start bringing it to the office tomorrow. It is supposed to be in the high sixties tomorrow and I want to start riding my bike at lunchtime.

Driving around yesterday after my ride, it suddenly hit me. I finally figured out what the problem with my morning commute is: Nobody seems to use cruise control.

I can understand not using it in city driving, but my entire trip (with the exception of the couple miles on either end) is entirely on limited access highways. And at the time of the morning that I commute, it is not as if the roads are exactly crowded!

I thought of this as I was driving along C470 headed home from the last shop I went to yesterday. I had my cruise control set at a nice, safe, comfortable speed. I came up on this car that was cruising along at its own speed and overtook it. A few minutes later, he puts on a burst of sped, gets faster than me and passes.

That’s no biggie, but within a couple miles, I passed him again – never having put my foot on the accelerator! You’d think that with gas prices being what they are today, people would use cruise control. It does, after all, save gas!

Oh well, I’m outta here for a bike ride!

Wherever you are today, I hope you’re cruising through a lovely day.

Don Bergquist – March 23, 2008 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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