Sunday, June 11, 2006

A Quiet Day at Home

After spending most of the day yesterday asleep, I think I will spend the bulk of today on the couch. I did not feel like stirring yesterday, today I think I will take some time to recuperate.

I went out when the shoppes opened to get some groceries, and I think that it was enough activity for the morning. Today, I believe, I will just take it easy. It is Nature Sunday on UKTV so I think I with watch the shows on how Europe came to be what it is today. I have already watched one on the geological origins of Europe, the forming of the land as Africa and Europe collided. Next I will be looking at the Ice Age and how it shaped the land further. Later today there are shows on the impact of man. It looks interesting. But not interesting enough to completely rule out a nap on the couch today!

I feel much better today. The allergy reactions are almost gone. The pollen index has fallen back into the moderate range. Rain is predicted for Tuesday! Perhaps that will give the air a good washing!

I hope where you are today, you can take time for yourself.

Don Bergquist - 11th June 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom.

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