Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

Father's Day greetings to my Dad and to all dads out there reading this! As a matter of fact, everyone in this picture is, by now a parent. Everyone but me.

Dad, I wish I weren't spending the entire day on an airplane (or waiting for cars, planes, etc.) and could be there to celebrate you and the wonderful job you have done as a father. You know, though, that I wish I could and I hope that for today, that is enough!

You enter my thoughts every day and every day something you taught me gets used. I am who I am largely because of your tutelage. Just yesterday, I was telling some friends something about how railroads worked. Something I had knowledge of only because you took me to your office at the FEC occasionally when I was a kid. Thanks!

I hope that everyone wherever they are today gives thanks to their father for everything he has done for them. (Go, stop reading this and thank your father for something. Now!)

Don Bergquist - 18th June 2008 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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