Monday, June 05, 2006

In the Interest of Fairness

This weekend, I was accused of complaining "repeatedly" in my blog that I could never live here in the UK. I must say that I was immediately defensive and went immediately to the "I never did!" posture.

Having run the search engine looking for the phrase "live here" against this blog I find that I have used that phrase in exactly five articles. Three of which were written whilst in the UK, two of which were actually discussing whether I could live here or not. Both of those were written back in December 2004, my first trip to the UK. (Personal Aside to the person who said that I had never said that I could never live here - you were correct, I did... But you did take me out of context.)

I Find that in mid-December of that year, I was bemoaning the exorbitant cost of living over here and saying that at these prices, I could never live over here. (Meaning that I could never afford to live here, not that I have no interest therein.) The truth of it is, I could very easily see myself living here if I could but afford it!

I enjoy my getting off to the pub for an evening with friends, I enjoy riding my bike along the old streets and through the wonderful areas of the city. I have some very good friends here and generally enjoy my visits. I could live here. I just couldn't afford it! This, I believe, corrects the error on my part and clears-up any confusion on this point.

I hope that wherever you are today you are free of confusion!

Don Bergquist - 05th June 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

(Oh... And I have now used that phrase in six articles on this blog... For future reference.)

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