Friday, July 20, 2012

Tragic News

Thanks for people who have been emailing me this morning. My home is clear the other side of town from the movie theatre where the shooting took place and I am not there anyway. I am in Minnesota with my folks this week.

The shooting is tragic but my immediate thought was for my friends who live there – I sent out a message to my friends back home hoping to hear that everyone if fine. (It is still too early to have heard back.)

My second thought was one of motive. I hope that the poor, misguided, gentleman who has perpetrated this horrible act was not one of the idiotic army of dolts dumb enough to listen to Rush Limbaugh. I hope that he is not so mindless dittohead who has done this because Rush connected the sound of the name of the villain (“Bane”) to the sound of Mr. Romney’s former company (“Bain Capital”).

Whatever the truth turns out to be, my thoughts go out to the victims of this terrible act and I hope that the perpetrator gets the help he so obviously needs.

Wherever you are today I hope that you are safe and well – I am.

Don Bergquist – July 20, 2012 – Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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