Monday, July 02, 2012

Politics As Usual

How did it degenerate to this point? I used to be amused by it, but it has worn a bit thin.

 It used to be that the two political parties at least could agree on the facts and disagree on their significance. These days, it is even the facts that are in question. The problem is that on both sides of the discussion the participants lie and distort in the hopes that the populace will accept as fact, what they say as fact.

Today’s rant was brought to you by the Minnesota congresswoman who was on one of the talk shows this weekend spouting the same inaccuracies that she used in her failed bid to become the candidate. She kept insisting that the health care law (recently upheld in the courts) would cost MILLIONS of jobs; and even though everyone else on the panel was able to point out that she was misrepresenting the report she was quoting; she dismissed the correction by slightly re-wording her statement so that it was simply misleading but not technically untrue. She then, a couple sentences later repeated the inaccurate info.

This can’t be that she is too stupid to be able to hold a basic concept in her head for five minutes. If she were so stupid so as to be unable to tell the difference between reality and her opinion, she would never be able to find her way to the office each day!

I can only assume that she is doing this on purpose! She is not the only one who does this; and to some extent all politicians do this, but if you look at the statistics on PolitiFact, the percentage of the things that the tracked for her that are not true is staggering!

All I can say is that everyone really needs to take anything said in today’s political events with more than a grain, a whole shaker, of salt!

Wherever you are today hope you have the wherewithal to check-out for yourself the truth behind the politics!

Don Bergquist – July 02, 2012 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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