Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being There Is Overrated

This may sound like sour grapes to you, but I've decided that being there is overrated. I decided weeks ago (right after the rock-concert address by Barack Obama was announced) that I wanted no part of actually being there. It is not as if I thought I couldn't get tickets to the event, I just didn't want to!

It would be sort of cool to be there and to be able to say that I was there, but would it be cool enough that I would be willing to put up with the hassle? My answer is definitely "NO!" Aside from the traffic nightmares caused by the closure of the major artery through town, there is the problem of not being able to park there if I decided to go anyway.

That leaves the Mass Transit system which, while RTD is good, I'm not sure that they're that good! And supposing that they can get the 75,000 estimated people who are expected tonight at Mile High (not to mention the curiosity seekers), once there, there is the hassle of getting through security. They are predicting four hour waiting times to get into the stadium. (Think of the worst day ever at the screening point at the airport - the day before Thanksgiving!)

Assuming I was not rendered insensate by the trip, and the security lines, they are asking people to be at the arena early! Very Early! VERY VERY EARLY! The gates (for a seven-o'clock speech) will open this afternoon at one. The news this morning says get there with lots of time to spare... you'll need it.

Okay, so now I'm at the stadium, I have hazarded the journey, the security screening, and the boredom of the wait for "the good part" to start... now what? Well, I could pass the time with a seven-dollar beer and an eight-dollar hot dog. Later I could spend an hour-or-so waiting to get through the queue for the toilet...

Nope I have no desire to be there. I think I will sit comfortably in my comfy chair at home, petting the dog, sipping on my reasonably-priced beverage, eating my reasonably-priced food, using the bathroom whenever I want without having to queue for it... The lap of splendor and luxury! And my view will probably be better than from any seat I would have been likely to get anyway!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you're enjoying your surroundings!

Don Bergquist - August 28, 200 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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