Saturday, September 23, 2006

With friends like mine...

What a glorious day for a ride! I am having a wonderful weekend, and I owe a debt of thanks to my friends for it!

I should be testing right now. We are under a tight deadline. My work ethic tells me I should be working. But, after a long and hard week at the office, I decided (after being goaded by one of my coworkers) to take the weekend off. The person (whom I consider to be a friend) chastised me for spending as many hours as I do at the office, and then thanked me for helping to keep the task timeline close. She then told me not to work this weekend and suggested a couple pubs I should try-out this weekend.

I promised her that I would not work this weekend and would try out a pub or two from her list. (Though, to be honest, I did spend a couple hours this morning on stuff that needs to be done, but detracts from the main thrust of my stay here.)

My friend, Terry, also challenged me last night. As I was leaving the pub he and Angie said that I looked tired and that I should take care of myself. Terry challenged me to stay abed all morning. I almost made it. I slept in 'til 08:30 and tried to get back to sleep but just couldn't so I reached for a book on the nightstand and read in bed for a couple hours.

It was raining this morning so I figured I could get my paperwork from the office out of my way and then, if it got nice, I could go for a ride. I popped downstairs to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and plowed into the work had to do on my computer.

By eleven, the skies had cleared, the day had become cool and clear and I decided it was time for a ride. And what a lovely day for it too! The breezes were light, just enough to keep the air moving, not enough to keep me from riding. I went the long and circuitous route to Richmond Park. Then, after riding a bit around the park, I took out a book and read under a tree.

It was a lovely, lovely day. This evening, I am headed over to Terry and Angie's place to have dinner and drinks. It will probably be a great end to a great day (dinner with the Bs of Molesey is always an event! Terry is a fantastic chef!)

I hope wherever you are today, your day has been a great one!

Don Bergquist - 23 September 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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