Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cycling as a Panacea

Is there nothing that a good, long bike ride can't make seem better? (Well, hemorrhoids or a broken leg, I suppose, but there is nothing better after a long, hard day at the office than a bike ride!)

Last night, I left the office after a long (14 hours) hard day of software testing and needed to clear my mind. I wanted the cool, clear air of a September evening to make everything alright. I took the fifteen-mile route I reserve for times when I really need to think about something other than the office. And think of other things I did!

For example, on my way up the hill into Berrylands, I was thinking "Gee! This is a long and steep hill!"

On the way from Berrylands into Kingston upon Thames I was thinking "Gee, it is fun riding down this long and steep hill. Much more fun than riding up it was!"

On the way through Kingston and into Richmond I was thinking (as I usually do) "Gee, there are an awful lot of wankers licensed to drive automobiles in the UK." and "That tosser almost ran me off the road!"

On my way along the towpath I was thinking the same thing I do whenever I ride the towpath in the dark: "I really should not ride this towpath at night, there are far too many potholes to dodge by the light of a bicycle headlamp."

Oh, and on the towpath I had a new thought: "Hmmm... I wonder if I would be justified just running over all these wankers who are running along the tow path well after dark who are carrying no lights and wearing black!"

When I got home after a nice ninety-minute ride, I was feeling much better. This morning I have a bunch more testing to do so I had best head into the office. It's a good thing that there is little that a good, long bike ride can't make seem better. I wonder, could I teach all the software to ride bicycles.... Hmmm...

I hope that wherever you are today, it is smooth cycling and down hill in both directions!

Don Bergquist - 20September 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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