Saturday, July 15, 2006

Molesey Regatta

It all sounded as if it would be such a posh affair. The Molesey Regatta! The more I heard, however, the more I realized that this would not be the posh event it originally sounded. It was lovely, mind you, it was just not the restrained and proper event I had pictured.

The invite called for “collars and longs.” This, it was explained to me, meant that there were to be no shorts and no tee-shirts. I even had to forgo my beloved aloha shirts for the day. It was okay, one day to wear a proper button down. No prob.

This morning I donned a pair of topsiders, khakis, a tan shirt, by blue and taupe paisley tie and a brown suede blazer. I clean-up pretty good! Terry came to collect me, we picked-up Kevin and some wine, and we were off to Molesey for the pre-party party.

Phil and Lucy, a nice couple I met through Terry and Angie, opened their house and organized the get-together. What a lovely morning! The sky is a perfect, flawless azure, the temperature is just on the warm side of pleasant. There is a light breeze that makes the entire effect that of a warm spring morning rather than the height of summer. It is deceptive, though. Walking from Terry and Angie’s to Phil and Lucy’s I do wish I hadn’t put on the blazer. Oh well.

There are about thirty-five people; a wonderfully eclectic gathering that congregates at the house and the Champaign starts to flow. I overhear Phil telling a mate of his from the office to pace himself. It is going to be a long day!

About 13:00 the cars start arriving to carry us to the event. The Molesey Amateur Regatta is an annual event and I am told that it used to be the largest regatta in the area. Apparently, in recent years a local festival in the area has been scheduling itself against the regatta. We have two tables reserved at the lunch tent and a marvelous lunch is set-out. There is Roast Beef (or salmon) and a choice of starters. A selection of salads and a choice of deserts that includes a cheese plate, a chocolate mousse cake and a summer berry pudding rounds out the menu.

Of course, the dinner was accompanied by pitchers of Pimms and a choice of wine.

The company cannot be beat, the food is excellent and the weather is lovely. What more could anyone want? Oh, yes! There is also a boating race, or something, going on in the Thames!

It is certainly a lovely day!

Afterward, we celebrated an after party at Kevin’s place since it was a scone’s throw from the event grounds. But that is another story.

I hope that wherever you are today you have had a wonderful day, the weather has been fair and the company outstanding. I know it has been for me!

Don Bergquist - 15 July 2006 - West Molesey, Surrey, UK

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Don Bergquist said...

Note: For those of you sharp-eyed and paying attention to detail who noted that I said I was wearing a blue and taupe paisley tie but seem to be wearing a black and white striped tie, congratulations! That is correct. This is not, however, the tie I started-out with. Angie and Terry bought me a Molesey Boating Club tie for the event and I changed into it early in the day.

Also, by this time, I had given away the blue tie. Someone at the party had commented that she liked getting presents and that something to go around her wrist would be nice. I tied my tie around her wrist.