Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Worm Turns

It was lovely until at least 16:00 yesterday. I was out in it all day!

I popped down to the bike shop to see if I could get an estimate on some work I need done, and then popped over to the park to ride around a bit. On the way home, it was off to Sainsburry's to do the weekly shopping and then I rode up to Kingston to buy my vegetables in the farmer's market. It was just the chilly side of pleasant as far as the temperatures were concerned and I had a lovely time.

Then last night, after napping a little while on the couch, I got up to go to the pub and discovered that it was pouring! Good thing I have rain pants and water-proof riding togs! I got weather-tight and headed out to Hampton Court. I had a lovely time chatting with my mates at the pub and getting home at a reasonable hour.

Today is Chestnut Sunday and there is a parade in Bushy Park. We're meeting-up at 11:30 to go and watch the parade. I am not really sure what Chestnut Sunday is or what it celebrates, but I will be there and will report tomorrow. I am bringing my cameras although it looks like it will probably rain today.

I hope wherever you are today you have lovely weather and time to get out and celebrate the day, whatever day it happens to be!

Don Bergquist - 14th May 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, United Kingdom

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