Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Somehow, She Knows!

Saga may be only a dog, but she knows that something is going on. I am sitting in the airport and thinking about how she behaved this morning. It was almost as if she thought I was punishing her for something. She skulked about and avoided me wherever I went. I dragged a piece of luggage to the living room, she bolted upstairs; I went upstairs to make sure things were turned off, she popped downstairs.

Unless I actively attempted to engage her, it was a game of avoidance. She didn't snap at me or anything, I think she saw the luggage and put two and two together and sussed out that I was leaving again. I feel bad. She did come and sit down with me on the bench outside as I waited for the arrival of the car service, but she was pretty sedate all morning.

I miss you, too, Saga! I hope that wherever you are today you are not leaving the ones you love behind!

Don Bergquist - 10th May 2006 - Denver, Colorado

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