Monday, May 28, 2012

Travelogue Minnesota: Early

I am up early this morning in preparation for the drive home. Well, it is early by the standards of the laid-back lifestyle of what my cousin’s kids call “The Park.” I can see why. My folks’ house is so peaceful! It was well before five when I got up to shower and get ready for the drive.

Mary and Chip had to head into The Cities to get her to the plane and I want to hit the road. The weather reports say that I have some beautiful weather ahead of me all the way into Denver. I have programmed a new route (well, new to me) into the GPS and am looking forward to hitting the gas and heading west.

All that remains is to brew some coffee, and wait for everyone to get up so that we can say our farewells and head out. I am giddy – I LOVE road trips!  

Wherever you are today I hope that you are looking forward to your day!

Don Bergquist – May 28, 2012 – Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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