Monday, May 28, 2012

Travelogue Minnesota: Colorado

Is it still Memorial Day? It must be, I have been passing cars coming the other way sporting signage about the Bolder Boulder all day. At my gas stop back in Sterling, there were people changing from their running togs into more road-appropriate attire.

The road was great! It was no record, but the drive was a good one and I made it in just less than fifteen hours. At an average speed of just about 64 mph, it was a good trip! The sun was setting as I rolled into Denver and both Saga and I were ecstatic to see “her park” stretch out before us as we descended into the Bear Valley.

We stretched our legs in the park with a walk around the lake after parking the car. I do not believe I am going to unpack tonight, it sounds like a much better idea to call the parents, let them know I am home, and then open a beer and unwind for a while before heading off to bed.

Oh: on an interesting note, I must have been really eager to get rolling Wednesday. My patio door has been open for the five days I have been gone! It was open Tuesday night to allow the cool breezes in. I guess I forgot to shut it. Nothing seems amiss, so I have to say, I would never have done this intentionally, but it is nice to know that I live in an area safe enough that I can do this occasionally on accident.

Where ever you’ve been today, I hope that you’re snug and safe at home this evening!


Don Bergquist – May 28, 2012 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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