Monday, November 28, 2011

Travelogue South Carolina – Departure Day

The day started early. Well, not really early for me, but early for vacation!

I had promised my cousins that they would see me before they left for school. I had set an alarm for early this morning, but I didn't need it. I was up before the house was. Early enough to have coffee and breakfast with the guys and to take my younger cousin to the bus-stop. That may be the last time that he wants his cousin Don to do that – I kept threatening to yell something embarrassing when the bus came… Putting-on a falsetto I screeched: "Have a good day at school, honey – Remember: Mommy LOVES you!" And "Did you remember to change your underwear?"

Of course, when the bus actually came, I didn't do anything embarrassing, but it was fun watching him squirm thinking I would!

After the boys were gone, I packed and went with my cousin Sheila to run a few errands. We made it into Columbia to go to a mill where I could pick-up some grits and some biscuit mixes. It was a fun. I know that sounds crazy, but even errands can be fun with my cousin!

But the fun eventually ended and shortly after lunch I headed into town to go to the airport. I was able to gas the car and get it returned and from car – to rental return – to check-in – to security – to the gate was a matter of fifteen minutes. I could have made it in ten, but I stopped for a coffee half-way to the gate and was third in line.

I passed about a half-hour with Sheila on the phone (trying to troubleshoot a network problem she is having) and am now sitting waiting for my plane. Heading home, no matter how good your trip has been, is always a welcome journey!

Wherever you are today I hope that you're enjoying the journey you're on!

Don Bergquist – November 28, 2011 – Columbia, South Carolina, USA

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