Thursday, August 24, 2006

Return of the Rains

While it does make it a bit less comfortable to ride, I am glad that the rains have returned. The temperatures are hovering in the fifties and sixties this week and the rain is falling periodically throughout the day. It is, in a word, lovely!

I have been very busy at work of late, so I am glad that last night I decided to take a ride into town to attend the weekly gaming session of the Swiggers Gaming Club. Now, the name takes some explaining. It was originally spelled SW1ggers and stood for something like "General Game Enthusiasts…" something. But since the meeting was moved from the SW1 to the SE1 postal code (they changed venue) they have changed the name to Swiggers.

I heard about them from a friend who goes to a game shop in town that posts group announcements. They are a group who get together every week to play games of strategy. Last night I wanted to make a good impression so I made sure I was looking just right when I rode to the Surbiton station to catch my train into town. It would have worked too, but for the fact that it started pouring shortly after I left the London Bridge Rail station. Too bad! It was a clear and cool evening with a scattered cloud base in Thames Ditton. I hadn't realized the difference of thirty miles could make such a difference.

But that didn't dampen my spirits or my mood. The group were a good gang and I have decided to add it to my regular Wednesday night agenda. I lost miserably at the first game I played. Came in a really close second on the second one and was in the middle of the pack for the third.

By the time I had left, the rain had stopped and it was a pleasant evening with a cool breeze blowing. At least I now know that the new splash guards and light sets I have installed on my bike work great!

I hope that wherever you are today the weather can't dampen your spirits!

Don Bergquist - 24 August 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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