Monday, August 07, 2006

...Hit the Ground Running...

Today is going to be a busy one!

I am a bit jet lagged; having gotten in at nearly 11:00 last night which is almost 06:00 or 23 hours after I woke-up the day before in London. When I got home, I took Saga for a walk in the park across from my home, sat and read a bit, to unwind from the journey, and then went to bed.

Saga was so damn cute! Whenever I have been away, she refuses to let me out of her sight for the next day or so. She curled-up in my lap on the recliner as I read my book last night. Then, when I went up to bed, she chased me up the stairs and curled-up under my arm and went to sleep. She was still there this morning when I rolled-over and looked at the clock. Damn it! It was only two!

At three, when I realized that my circadian rhythms were dictating that I get out of bed, she followed me into the office and watched as I walked on the treadmill while checking my email. She didn’t leave my side all morning.

Now, I am sitting here, I am almost caught-up on my paperwork. That's a good thing too! Saga has a vet appointment this morning. I have to get her travel papers so that she is ready to travel to Florida on Thursday. Before we leave for the airport I have appointments with my Dental, Medical and Optical doctors. (Got to get all healthy and checked-out before I go back to London!)

Sorry that this is a bit of a short entry with little news, but it is a bit of a busy day!

I hope wherever you are today, you are having an excellent, stress-free day!

Don Bergquist - 07 August 2006 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Sean Sutherland said...

So is Saga UK bound? Pardon me if this was in a previous post.

Don Bergquist said...


It was not in a previous post. My dear Saga is not going to accompany me to the UK (this time) because she would not be eligible to enter without going through Quarantine until 20 October 2006.

I really don't want to have to kennel her (anywhere) for six weeks. So she will not be going with me this trip. If there is a next trip (and my schedule is anything like the current schedule) she will be accompanying me on that future trip.

I think that Saga would really dig going to the pubs with Daddy!