Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Casualty of War

My flights were uneventful. As a matter of fact I have never had fewer problems trying to make a connection at Detroit. There was practically no waiting. They were calling my flight for pre-boarding as I arrived at the gate, I queued-up and walked directly aboard. My flight was actually a good bit early into Gatwick. There was practically no line at customs, my baggage beat me to the carousel and I was out of Immigrations in less than thirty minutes after my arrival at the gate. This is almost too easy! I must have dozed off and am still sleeping on the plane, right?

Okay. I knew it was too good to be true. My laptop arrived at the office yesterday morning as I was arriving at Gatwick. (I sent it via FedEx ahead of me because I was told that we would not be allowed to bring any electronics on-board the aircraft.) Unfortunately, my laptop had more adventures along the way than I did. The screen is shattered and I have to get it replaced. They are coming out today to replace the screen.

The war on terror (or as the White House is now referring to it: The war on international extremism or something to that affect) has claimed a victim. A minor one, to be certain, but a victim nonetheless. I guess if that is the worst thing that happens this trip, I'm going to have a great time!

I hope that wherever you are today your problems are minor ones!

Don Bergquist - 16 August 2006 - Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

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