Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ramp Up

After spending way too late an evening last night up with friends, I am the only one awake this morning. It is just after 05:00 AM so I have had about four hours sleep and I am ready to get on with my day.

The news says that the situation is settling into a new routine. Things are getting back to normal in airports all over the world, at least the routine that will be routine now that we are at the highest threat level. I am glad that my computer is on its way to London ahead of me. All I will be carrying on the plane tomorrow is my passport, my wallet, a book and a comb. Everything else will be checked. I suppose that in the fall, I'll be doing this all over again, just in reverse.

Oh well, right now the house is silent, except for the occasional snore. The weatherman on the TV says it is already seventy-five degrees outside. It is going to be a roasting oven day. Yahoo! Now I remember why I moved out of Florida!

Well, I guess I will just do some writing, perhaps play a crossword puzzle or two on my PDA and wait for the house to awaken. I am just getting ready for the ramp-up to tomorrow. My day tomorrow is going to be a fun one. ( that "not really" sort-of way!)

I hope wherever you are today, your day had a serene and peaceful start to it!

Don Bergquist - 13 August 2006 - St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

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