Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Brief Entry Today

Sorry! Please accept my apologies for the brevity of today's missive.

I leave for Florida tomorrow. It is the first time that I am traveling with my dog on a plane and I am waiting to see if she will be allowed to fly. There is occasionally an embargo if the weather at any point along the flight is too hot, they will not let her fly. I have toyed with the idea of just getting in the car and driving, but I really do not have the time.

Before I leave the office today, I have a number of projects I have to put to bed. I have a couple things I have to get passed-off to other people, and have a meeting to attend.

Tonight I have to get finished packing and getting ready for three months back in the UK.

Tomorrow morning will come early, I have a 04:30 shuttle. As Willy Wonka kept saying in the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: "So much time, so little to do! No, wait a minute! Strike that; reverse it!" I suppose I need to get into the office and get things done!

I hope you're having a productive day wherever you are!

Don Bergquist - 09 August 2006 - Lakewood, Colorado USA

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