Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Yet Another Sunrise

I know, I know... I take entirely too many pictures of the sunrise. But when I am provided with so many spectacular sunrises, how can I not?

This morning was yet another spectacular opportunity to shoot a sunrise. As Saga and I left for our walk, I caught a glimpse of the sky to the east of my home and decided that it was worth it to turn around and grab my camera off the dining room table. I am glad that I made Saga wait the three extra seconds.

Speaking of Saga, she was such a brat this morning. I put down the lead so that she would quit pulling against me, shaking the camera as she did, and she started walking away. She stopped when I called her to come back. (She is afraid of the take-up reel on her leash; it freaks her out when it comes along sliding behind her.) I called her to "Come Here!" and she just sat there looking at me. I had to take the picture and then go and chase her down. Luckily, the leash got snagged on something and I was able to grab the leash. Oh well.

I hope that your day is bright and colorful!

Don Bergquist - 02-November-2005 - Lakewood, Colorado

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