Friday, November 18, 2005


If I ever get off this bridge and make it back to Apollo Beach, I am going to sleep like the dead! The day has been hectic.

I showed-up at Fritz' place this morning and asked what I could do. Suffice it to say that I spent the rest of the morning running around. I know that this is the first event this group has done, but I am surprised at the things they didn't think of. Like, if they want to use footage of the wedding for a promo they might want to have a video camera.

Okay, enough of the bad stuff. Sarah was lovely and Fritz was flustered. But they had their friends there and between all of us, we kept them pointed in the right direction. They were still married when I set-off for home; that is always a good sign.

Their wedding was pirate themed and was held at the South Florida Pirate Festival. The crew who was putting on the wedding runs the festival. As the sun set over the intracoastal waterway, the guests all gathered in the saloon. The pirate ship pulled up and a hush fell over the crowd. The groom was attended by his son, James. Fritz and his son came into the saloon first sporting sabers, sashes and other pirate paraphernalia. A swashbuckling pair they were and they carried the theme of the wedding quite well.

The Bride was escorted into the saloon by her mother and attend by Fritz' daughter Charlotte. Sarah wore a lovely, short silk dress and carried a bouquet of roses, orange blossoms, and bluebells.

In attendance were the bride's family, the groom's family and assorted friends from all across South Florida, the south east of the US, and of course, your humble blogger from Colorado.

After the service, there was a feast served by the serving wench of the saloon. The meal was excellent including Cuban roast pork, black beans and rice, and a nice salad. There was a margarita cheese cake for the wedding cake. After the feast we went to the pirate ship outside the saloon for family pictures. I'll be uploading all the pictures I took at the wedding to Shutterfly as soon as I get home; so follow the link above to see them all.

It was, all in all, a lovely day and a busy one! The party was an excellent mix of the interesting kind of people that Fritz and Sarah always seem to be surrounded by. If only the traffic on the bridge would start to move I could get to Apollo Beach and get some sleep. I need to return the video camera tomorrow. But while I sit behind whatever accident is keeping the bridge from moving, I am glad I have my PDA. At least I can write my blog entry while I am sitting still.

I hope wherever you are, your day is moving along nicely.

Don Bergquist - 18-November-2005 - Over Tampa Bay on the Gandy Bridge

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