Saturday, November 19, 2005


I never did see what kept me sitting on the bridge last night. It was nearly two before I made it back to Mary and Corey's place.

This morning, I headed back to St. Pete this morning to see what needed doing back at Fritz and Sarah's place. Fritz' parents were there and just stirring as I showed-up. The house was otherwise quiet but for the sound of sleeping people.

After making sure that the transfer that I had started from the Video Camera to a VHS tape had completed successfully, I grabbed the camera, checked to see if Fritz or anyone needed me to do anything and then ran out to return the camera.

It is a lovely, sunny day so I stopped to get a Cuban Sandwich and a bag of plantain chips and sat out by the airport watching the planes take off.

I returned to Apollo Beach mid-afternoon and visited with Mary and Corey for the rest of the afternoon/early evening. After a dinner out at a salad bar Corey put on a film, but with the long hours that I have been keeping over the last two days, I fell asleep almost as soon as the opening credits were done.

Awaking a little later on, I decided to hit the sack. I am writing this quick entry before going to sleep again. One final thought: I love traveling, but I miss Saga!

I hope your day was full of simple pleasures!

Don Bergquist - 19-November-2005 - Apollo Beach, Florida

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