Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Driving Home

It is late (nearly midnight local time) Wednesday and I am writing from a restaurant at a truck stop outside Lincoln, Nebraska.

The roads are, indeed, in great driving condition and there have been very few other drivers on the road with me. From our "Best Laid Plans" department, I had planned on leaving this morning when my conference call ended. I had planned on it lasting about an hour (since the coordinator of the call had scheduled it for an hour) and was unpleasantly surprised that it lasted for over three. It purpose of the call was to discuss my new job (and that of the people on the call) and what the new reporting structure we are in means.

Yes, I have a new boss... I am not sure what this really means, I have worked with Leann before and like her and all, I am just a bit hazy about the role that I have. (And no, it has nothing to do with the hour.) Seeing how late it was getting, and having been up early this morning to finish a few things up, I decided to take a nap before leaving. which, unfortunately meant that I hit the early part of the rush hour and was in traffic all the way to Ft. Morgan. Once past that, though, it has been smooth sailing.

I'm having a bite to eat before heading east again. I will probably stop for the night somewhere in Iowa. I am making good time, though and will keep going as long as possible.

I hope that your roads are clear and dry today!

Don Bergquist - 23-November-2005 - Somewhere in Southern Nebraska

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