Sunday, November 20, 2005

Flying Home

Okay, I am not sure that I am going to get used to this "no assigned seating" thing.

Chatting with a number of my fellow travelers in the B Line this morning, they agreed... they only fly Southwest when there is sufficient difference between Southwest and some other airline. Being able to know where your seat is and not having to jockey for position in line to get the best seat is worth a few extra dollars.

The flight crew, though, are definitely worth the hassle of no assigned seating. Shortly after leaving Tampa, I got up to stretch my legs and the flight attendants, having finished the beverage service, started chatting with me. It was nice. We chatted about this and that, Christmas, travel, etc. for the entire flight. Well, practically; a short way out of Midway we hit some pretty severe turbulence and the two lovely young ladies (I know, I sound sexist, but they were) and I all said in unison - "Better grab a seat."

The last few minutes of the flight were pretty rough, but the landing was ahead of schedule, my flight to Denver was not too far away, and so I am sitting here with my PDA, my coffee and my blog entry for the day.

I hope that your day is smooth and filled with pleasant people to chat with!

Don Bergquist - 20-November-2005 - Midway Airport: Chicago, Illinois

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