Friday, November 25, 2005


In the end, it made no difference what I wanted or what Flo wanted.

It started snowing this morning around 04:00! By the time the house was awake and moving it was more than ankle deep outside and still coming down steadily. We all decided not to head into town until it stopped showing (if at all) . It did finally stop around noon and Chip and I decided to head into town between Whist games.

Since Flo no longer wanted to head in, Chip, Eric and I went to the mall. Not only were the sale prices still ringing, I was able to get extra savings by signing-up for a Herberger's charge card. (Sure they have no stores in Colorado, but I had planned on paying cash and I can close it as soon as it is paid.)

The rest of the afternoon was spent people watching at the mall.

I have studied the weather reports (as if they mean anything... this morning's snow was not supposed to happen until Tuesday!) and Sunday looks horrible. Saturday looks iffy, but doable. I am planning on heading back a day early and getting home (hopefully) while the weather still holds. It looks like I have to be in Grand Island or beyond before I stop tomorrow. They are predicting snow and ice by sundown tomorrow.

My car is packed. The dog's stuff is ready to toss in at the last minute and I plan on heading west at daybreak. Wish me luck!

Don Bergquist - 25-November-2005 - Kensington, Minnesota

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