Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Flying Southwest

There is about to be a new choice of airlines out of Denver. I am glad that Southwest
advertised that they would be flying from Denver before I bough my tickets for the trip. I am not sure I like the way southwest loads their planes, but I like the prices.

I am sitting in the Chicago Midway airport waiting for my flight to Tampa. (So I guess I am really flying southeast on Southwest...) My original flight was cancelled and the consensus among my fellow passengers is that this was because there were only five of us on the flight. It is a late flight that goes (was supposed to go) directly to Tampa from Chicago but it was cancelled.

When I talked to the agent a while ago she said, no. I could not go on the direct flight that went out at 21:00 - I was supposed to be leaving at 21:30 and the 21:00 flight is just about to board - I had to take a connection through Nashville. Instead of getting in just before midnight I will be in some time before 01:30. I have an hour's drive ahead of me when I land.

Okay, so what is not to like about the way that Southwest loads their planes? They have no seat assignments! When you get to the airport they put either an A, B, or C on your ticket. All the special assistance people get on first... Then the As, then the Bs and finally the Cs. They insist that this makes the process go faster. I will have to see for myself. I am eight people from the front of the B-Line so I assume that I may get a fairly good seat.

Oh, I haven't told you why I am headed to Florida!

My best friend, Fritz and his long-term girlfriend, Sarah, are going to tie the knot. I learned of this a few weeks back when Fritz told me that he had a friend that had a new business, they cater fantasy weddings. Well, I guess they will do other things as well... But they wanted to photograph Fritz' wedding so they could use it to promote their new business.

Well... The As are almost done walking down the jetway. I will tell you more of this experience tomorrow. Good night!

I hope your day is pleasant - wherever you are!

Don Bergquist - 16-November-2005 - Midway Airport: Chicago, Illinois

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