Thursday, November 17, 2005

Morning in Florida

I wish I had a nice Digital SLR!

I have been fighting with myself for months over why I hate myself so much that I refuse to buy myself a nice camera. (I don't seem to remember that I have a nice digital camera - I bought myself a nice FujiFilm F10 less then a year ago. I remind myself of this and that is when I begin, seriously, to pout!)

I have been looking at the new Pentax *ist line of Digital SLR cameras. It is expensive but if I had one I could capture the lovely sight that is outside my window right now.

I am driving from my sister's place to my best friend's place. It is about 08:30 and I am in fairly rural county due to a detour of my main route. I was on the phone talking to Dad when I happened to look to the west. The sight that I was treated to is so lovely! I stopped, took a picture, but with the limited focal length of my camera, it is lost in the translation.

The picture I took was so bad (because I could not get the moon to look right) that I tossed it. (Plus, a construction vehicle went past spewing a cloud of dust that has yet to settle - the picture was ruined.) You'll have to settle for my description.

Looking off to the west there is an open expanse of scrub grass and palmettos. An occasional royal palm (the state tree of Florida) rises from this expanse which reaches to the horizon. The sky is an uninterrupted field of azure backing the greens and browns of the field. There is one lone live oak in the center of the field. But, calling the sky an uninterrupted field of blue is not quite accurate. There is one interruption. As big and round as a stray beach ball, the moon is just a few degrees above the horizon. It looks like a big silver coin about to be dropped into the slot between the Live Oak and the Sable Palm off towards the south.

I wish I could show it to you!

I hope that your day is lovely - wherever it finds you!

Don Bergquist - 17-November-2005 - Somewhere near Riverview, Florida

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