Sunday, November 28, 2010

Still Not Shopping

I caught a news story yesterday of a woman who was shopping for a charity that buys Christmas gifts for orphans or underprivileged children, or something of that ilk. The tease and lead-in made it sound like the woman had been mugged for her Christmas money. "See how thieves stole Christmas from this woman." and "Grinch strikes at local mall."

The story made it plain though, that the actual story was far less nepharious. It was tragic, but not terribly noteworthy. The woman apparently dropped the bank bag while unloading her cart at the mall. When she went back for it an hour later, the bag was there but the cash was gone. Yes, it was tragic, but hardly an all-out attack on Christmas as they made it sound.

Yesterday was such a relaxing day, playing with the dog, doing a bit of work on a website for my sister, taking a nice long walk, and generally just chilling, that I think I may have to repeat it today. I'm going this afternoon to have Dim Sum with some friends, but other than that, I have no big plans.

How nice is that?

Wherever you are today, I hope that you're having a lovely, relaxing weekend!

Don Bergquist - November 28, 2010 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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