Friday, November 19, 2010

Headed Home - Part II

Come On! Really!?

So, I packed my cases last night - and this morning!

Apparently, you should remove from your pockets the things that you will need in the morning BEFORE you pack the trousers you wore that evening for your trip home. No big problem? It is a simple matter of picking out that pair of trousers and pulling the item out of the pocket. You'd think so, wouldn't you! But nothing could be that simple.

What if you can't remember what you wore last evening? (What if what you are looking for is a small plastic card that is easily missed the first time you search for it?) No. It took dumping out the bag and doing a thorough search.

Perhaps the problem with my Oyster card (needing to first find it and then to add funds to it) were subtle indications that I didn't really want to leave? Was it just the flight I was dreading? Well, yes… but I also just dig it over there. That is the only reason I can think of for repeatedly putting things I would need for the trip home into pockets of my case and then forgetting which one so that I had to dig for my documentation, tickets, passport, etc.

At least the flight was not too full. None of the movies interested me, so I have been reading most of the trip. I have also had a nice conversation with a couple of the other passengers and flight staff while standing up to stretch my legs. We just passed over the first city we came to in Canada (I am fairly sure it was Fredericton, New Brunswick) a little while ago; the guy I was chatting with pointed out that he could see lights below us. It wasn't too large a city. It had a river looping through the center of the town. (At least I assume the dark ribbon looping across the otherwise regular grid of lit streets was a river.)

It has been a pretty good flight. The seats around me were empty and I was able to stretch out - well, at least I didn't have to actively defend my knees all flight.

Wherever you are this evening, I hope that you're having a pleasant evening.

Don Bergquist - 19 November 2010 - United Airlines Flight 925 - Somewhere over New Brunswick, Canada

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