Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Anniversary To…

Me! Well, my blog actually - Today is the sixth anniversary of don sees the world.

I hope you are enjoying it and that you will continue to read and comment on my posts.

Wherever you are today, thank you for being a part of don sees the world.

Don Bergquist - November 21, 2010 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Hyperspider said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't believe it has been THAT long.
Keep it up!

Don Bergquist said...

Hey, Mike!

Yeah, me too! It doesn’t seem that long ago, but that is the case. I set foot on the ground in the UK for the first time 21 November 2004. It was, at the time, supposed to be a one-off trip (or at very worst, an occasional port-of-call) for the project I was working on.

I started the blog as a way to share pictures I was taking and send messages on a frequent basis to the family; sort of the twenty-first century equivalent of the envelope of pictures my Dad used to send around to his family when he first moved out of Minnesota in 1960.

I came across one of these once; it was interesting. Dad had had meticulously typed a letter addressed to the family. The pictures, each numbered with mom's neat block printing, were referenced in the letter explaining the adventures of my elder siblings as they got to know their new home.

Years later, my elder brother Denis did essentially the same thing when he went to India on a business trip. My dad asked if I was planning to carry on the tradition and rather than sticking with the ancient pen-to-paper implementation, I decided to go ahead and create the blog.

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike! I do plan on keeping it up for the time being. I am having fun with it!

Take care, dude! Happy Thanksgiving.