Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yule Blog - Christmas Day

On this Christmas day, I am forwarding to you all my annual Christmas letter! It brings with it my best wishes for a happy holiday!
Dear Family and Friends,
Wow! This has really been a fast flying year! (Has it really been a year already‽) It seems to have gone by so fast!
It’s been just over a year now since Saga and I moved back to the states from the UK and Saga has finally stopped expecting me to take her to the pubs on a Friday night.
Poor thing! You could see her working it out for the first few months after our return… “It is Friday; Daddy has come home from working all day. Now he is leaving the house. Hey! Why isn’t he taking me?” Or something to that affect.
It’s not as if we never do anything together, but unlike the pubs in London, dogs are not welcome to many of the places I go out to here in the states. I do miss this about the United Kingdom… We need dog-friendly pubs here!
Winter passed quietly for us. Mostly it was taken-up with getting used to being home and reconnecting with friends and family back here. It was nice to be able to get up into the mountains again. And the winter was mild enough to afford us opportunities even as early as January.
In February I celebrated the Chinese New Year with some friends at our favorite Chinese place over in Denver. Dim Sum, Chow Mien and Camaraderie. What a way to start a new year!
March brought with it the last of the season’s snow storms. Nothing big and exciting, but it was at least the last of it.
In April, I started getting the itch to do some gardening so I got approval from my Homeowner’s Association to do some planting and then planned my spring.
In May I planted a few new trees and some annuals in the beds out in front of my home. All of my siblings also made the pilgrimage to Kensington to see Dad and Flo and to celebrate Dad’s Birthday with him. I believe this was the first time we had all been together since November 2006.
June was a temperate and lovely month! I bought a new bicycle and did a lot of riding along the river that flows through the park across the street from my home. 
July was a time of celebrations. I made it to my friend’s birthday party for the first time in a few years; Chris’ “Pirate Party” is always high on the list of the parties to attend.
Shortly thereafter, I was off on vacation. Saga and I headed east to visit with friends at the beach house. It was a great trip and we had fun seeing all the friends and family we have had not seen in quite a while. Even my cousin Sheila made it out to the beach with her boys!
August was a really manic month. I was busy at work getting started on my new project.
We had a lovely fall starting in late September; once again I was able to reconnect with an activity I have missed over the past few years: One weekend, I packed the cameras and the dog into the car and headed out for a drive in the spectacular fall colors. Ah! It was so lovely that I wish I had had the time to spend days driving in the mountains.
But between the time I have to dedicate to my new project and the fact that gas was up over four dollars a gallon, I left the trip at a single day. But what a day it was!
In October, most of my siblings and I once again converged on Dad and Flo’s place for the annual Horseradish weekend. We spend a good part of one day digging the horseradish, and most of the next peeling, grating, and pickling it.
November… did anything happen in November? Nope. I cannot think of one thing of note that occurred in November. Well, except that I had a little remodeling project done. I built a spice rack and closed-up a pass-through between my kitchen and living room so I had a wall upon which to hang a bit flat-panel digital television.
Other than that and digging some bulb beds in the garden, if anyone knows of anything noteworthy from November, please let me know.
So, now it is December. The weather has been incredibly clement with brief interruptions of winter-like weather. It is time to get ready for the holidays and start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.
The family are all doing well. Saga and I are fine. We hope that you are also well. I hope that Christmas 2008 finds you fit and fine and that all is right in your world.
However you celebrate and whatever you celebrate, I hope your holidays are wonderful.
Take care; Merry Christmas; Happy Holidays; and a safe, prosperous, and happy New Year!

Don Bergquist -and- Saga
Wherever you are today, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Don Bergquist - December 25, 2008 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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