Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heat Wave

Heat Wave

Summer had been on a bit of a hiatus (I guess you could say it took a Summer Vacation…) but it has returned with a vengeance. Where as in the middle of last week it fought to get out of the sixties, yesterday my thermometer topped out at 99.7°. The forecast is for a nice little heat wave for the coming seven days.

Sleeping with the windows open last night didn't afford much comfort as it was still in the eighties when I went upstairs to bed last night and this morning's weather forecast said that it was nearly twenty degrees warmer this morning than it had been twenty-four hours earlier. Argh! It is going to be a roaster today!

That's okay, though. That is why god invented air conditioning and swimming pools. It's too bad, though that kids get their summer break from school in the summer time! I can't really enjoy the pool at my complex while there are a thousand screaming kids running, splashing, and throwing things at each other in the pool. So I try and time it right… which is to say, I pick a time more-or-less at random and hope the number of children and the amount of horse-play in the pool is at a minimum when I get there. Sometimes I get luck!

The solution would be fore me to trade-up. Sell my condo and buy a nice little house somewhere with a yard where I could plant some vegetables and a nice little pool where I could take a dip. And perhaps a hot tub, for taking a nice long soak while enjoying the cool evening breezes. (Heck, while I'm at it, someone to refresh my beverage so that I can stay luxuriating longer… but now I want too much.) Not gonna happen any time soon, but a guy can dream can't he.

Wherever you are today, I wish you cool waters, warm breezes, and pleasant company!

Don Bergquist – July 13, 2010 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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