Friday, July 02, 2010

Greetings: McMurdo Station!

I wish to send my personal greetings to all the people braving out the dead of winter in McMurdo Station. I understand that it is the middle of your long night down there and, according to the stats on your home page, it is well below freezing, so I just thought a bit of color might brighten-up your day! Uh, night? (Do you still have days and nights in the winter?)

Actually, I don't know anybody down there, and with the exception of a colleague of mine who worked there for a year some years ago, never have. I just think that it is cool to think of the research that goes on down below the antarctic circle and know that with cold winds blowing snow at you for months, perhaps a bit of the summer colors might cheer you up. I thought pictures of sunrises and flowers might brighten your day. (Do you still call it day just because it is the AM hours?)

Besides that, this is a shameless ploy to put McMurdo Station into my blog in the hopes that someone down there finds the blog as the result of a search and visits don sees the world. There. I've said it. I hope that someone from McMurdo finds my blog and takes a look.

And I am not strictly looking for McMurdo. It was just the first one that came to mind. If anyone from the Amundsen-Scott South Pole station or the Palmer station happens upon the blog that would be cool too.

The real ulterior motive is that I want to see if I can get a visitor from the only continent that has yet to visit my blog. I know: I'm a shameless self-promoter and realized that my friend Mike has only five continents represented on his map (I didn't see a hit from Asia when I looked) and I had six. So I thought that if I could get someone from the Palmer Station, the South Pole Station, or the McMurdo Station to trip across me in a Google search, and take a look to see what it was I was saying about then, I would then have had visitors from all seven continents. That would be cool.

Well, that's the story. I hope that someone from WAY down under notices the page in Google and takes a look but if not... eh. You can't b lame me for trying.

Wherever you are today (er, tonight?) I hope that you're having a good day (or night)!

Don Bergquist - July 02, 2010 - Lakewood, Colorado, USA


Anonymous said...

You didn't really think this would work, did you?

Don Bergquist said...

Dear Anonymous Reader,

Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog. I really didn't think it would work immediately, if it worked. The good thing about the blog is that it is out there until I take it down.

I can wait a long time for someone from the antarctic to read the post. They only have to read it for the statistics to register so I am keeping my fingers crossed. (Except when I type as that makes typing a bit difficult. - Even using only four fingers and a thumb as I do.)

Thanks again for reading and commenting Anonymous Reader!