Friday, August 29, 2014

And Then A Miracle Happens

The running gag from the trip was a quote from a cartoon that was in a text book (formal logic?) from college. It showed a professor with a student in front of a chalkboard. On the board, there is a long and complex equation on the left and right sides of the board and written in the middle is the phrase “and then a miracle happens.”

We totted-out this phrase when any discussion of a topic during the trip delved into things we didn’t have answers to; specifically, if the topic was a highly technical or arcane one. “How will we be calculating the [technical jargon omitted] based on the [more technical (and suspect) jargon omitted]?” Someone will ask and one or the other of the development teams would answer in a vague way or in a technical way that nobody quite got.

“And then a miracle happens!” someone at the table would say while writing their notes.

It came up again while queuing to board the plane. It was five minutes until the time of departure and one of the people in line behind me asked if the flight was on time. I had not heard any announcement to the contrary and said so. But then, looking at the United app on my phone, I said that they were still showing it on tine. We chatted about how it was going to be quite some feat to load and push-back in the next five minutes.

The questioner looked at his watch and said “and then a miracle happens.” (How oddly random is that!?)

But it was absolutely driven home when I was checking my email. I got a message from Google that told me my backed-up photos were ready to be shared. I checked the link and (then a miracle happened) and it was the pictures from Coney Island! WOW!

I knew that my android camera would back-up the photos that I took to the internet, but I have no idea when it would have done this! I didn’t even know that I was connected to a hotspot at Coney Island! I guess it could have been syncing at the hotel after I got back but before I tried reading the card on my computer. But it is really anybody’s guess! But that mystery will probably go unsolved.

Wherever you are, I hope that you have some little miracle that happens to you today!

Don Bergquist – August 29, 2014 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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