Saturday, January 26, 2013

Travelogue: London - Seeing London

It's Saturday and my colleagues have all made their plans. In a limited way, they overlap with mine. The weather gods have grinned on us and are allowing us the favor of an absolutely beautiful day. The sun is out; the skies are a nearly cloudless blue. It is a great day to get out there and see some of the sights.

My plans are simple: I need to run a couple house-keeping errands; pick-up a couple things for the office, and then it is off to Central London. My colleagues are off doing something-or-other and then they are meeting-up with me at the London Eye at noon.

But none of this will be done if I don't get going. It is too bad that the hotel has no Wi-Fi and the cost of roaming data is so high. I decided earlier in the week to keep my travelogue on my tablet and upload it with the pictures and all (instead of doing it piecemeal and adding the pictures later) when I get home. Because a picture is worth I thousand words. I could TELL you I was in London - but I'd rather SHOW you!

Wherever you are today, I hope that you will remember the words to that old song (was it Dinah Shore? - Not sure, Mom used to sing it all the time, though...):

It's a lovely day today
So whatever you've got to do
You've got a lovely day
For doing it that's true

But if you've got something
That must be done
And it can only
Be done by one
There is nothing more to say
Than you've got a lovely day!

Don Bergquist - 26 January 2013 - Maida Vale, London, United Kingdom 

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