Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Boxing Day In Minnesota

Boxing Day

(in Britain) the first weekday after Christmas, when Christmas gifts orboxes are given to employees, letter carriers, etc.

…or in my case, the day I will spend an inordinate amount of time trying to discover how to pack my presents and clothing, and items I have been given to take back to Denver with me into the incredibly small box that is my carry on suitcase. It is at times like this that I remember the passage from Dave Barry’s The only Travel Guide You’ll Ever Need By Dave Barry in which he discusses the regular traveler’s never-ending pursuit for the perfect luggage.

It describes the excitement of coming across the “Perfect bag for every traveler…” and goes on to describe how it enables the traveler to pack everything they would ever need for a world-wide tour lasting months and spanning multiple climes into one easy-to-pack bag. The ad (in his piece) goes on to promise that you will be able to “…pack everything you need for the your trip…” including a fully appointed bathroom “…into a bag the size of the average piccolo case.”

I need one of those for this (and every) trip. Because no matter how much I plan, I never have enough packing space for the return trip. I never learned how to pull my dad’s trick of stating emphatically that “it all fit in there on the way here, it will fit on the way home … dammitalltohell!”For me that never works even with the curse compressed into a single word.

I have to live in the real world where I acquire things as I travel. On my trips to London, I pick-up beer to bring home that I cannot get here (Tanglefoot… Yumm!!!); when I go to places on business that I want to remember, I get souvenirs; and when I come to Minnesota at Christmas, I get presents. What I need, is a suitcase that is made out of a fully functioning TARDIS. Until then, “Boxing Day” in Minnesota will consist of a bunch of complex mathematics designed to make a box hold more than its actual volume of stuff doe my trip home.

Wherever you are today, I hope that your Boxing Day is restful and that you can bask in the afterglow of Christmas with your loved ones!

Don Bergquist – December 26, 2012 – Kensington, Minnesota, USA

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