Friday, July 22, 2011

Travelogue: Australia – Technical Problems II

Tee Minus One Day And Counting.

There is an old aphorism about the best laid plans…

I am thinking that perhaps the experiences of the past two days may go some way to being an illustration of the point.

It was all to be so simple: Finish my work; Get myself packed; Get myself out the door. It is simplicity in its finest form, no?

Well, that was what I thought too. Then I lost the use of my work PC, then I had the problems of yesterday, then I had my brainstorm… (Please don't say "storm" again!)  then I discovered this morning that even with the correct security, I could not upload the finished files to the appropriate storage locations nor get the emails letting my colleagues know that they were finished!

So, really, that is no problem. I was up a two, online at three, getting things all finished and then, just after six in the morning, I discovered that I could not finish my job from outside the company firewall. The solution is, of course, obvious. Get myself inside the fire wall.

Decisively, I packed my bags and headed into town. No biggie really, I'm early enough on a Friday to be beating the rush hour. Actually, I made pretty good time. Then, pulling into the parking space it occurred to me that the OTHER brief case, the one I usually carry with my business laptop, the one that is sitting at home contains the keys to my office! Argh!

So back to the house I head, this time going against the rush hour traffic, so I still made pretty good time. I was on my way out the door when something nagged at me. What was that that I saw? I bounded up the stairs into my home office again. I was so glad that I did. The thing that had caught my attention as I turned to leave was the power supply and the battery for my personal laptop. The one I was taking into the office to connect to the network and send the files I had worked on out. I tend to leave the battery out as I usually have it connected to the power supply and that keeps the battery from losing its ability to hold a charge.

Good thing I caught it. I noticed this afternoon as I was writing this that for some reason; Blogger is not posting my posts. I will have to suss that out when I get a chance, which will not be today. For now, I guess I revert to keeping a journal, and posting it as I get the chance. Until then, dear readers, it is onward and upward.

I am off to drop the dog and pick-up the laundry.

Wherever you are today, I hope that things are coming together nicely.

Don Bergquist – July 22, 2011 – Lakewood, Colorado, USA

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